Autres Chapeaux

My closet of other hats is as big and dusty as everyone else’s. Somewhere in there I have Eulogizer, Knot untangler, and Consumer of cheese products. I wear that last one a lot. But I also have a hat for the business hours of the week, which I wear now as a postdoctoral fellow and wore for several years prior as a doctoral student. Strangely enough, this hat studies the brain. I’ll refrain from making a joke about how the hat is close to its subject matter, and how by matter I mean gray matter. I’m trying to give my punster hat to the Salvation Army.

Back to the brain thing. In graduate school I researched high-level face and object recognition. (High, high-level. Bring a ladder.) I studied in Nancy Kanwisher’s lab at MIT. The first link below is to the lab’s publications, including my published papers and dissertation. The second is to an unexplained set of lab Halloween pictures that show me dressed as Bill Clinton, then a gypsy and Indian chimera. Go figure.

More on hats and brains later, and maybe even faces. You’ll just have to come back and see.

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