Hi England, Australia, and 35 or so states. Thanks for stopping by.

I have to take a moment to thank the strange magical technology that made it possible for you to visit me from your offices or living rooms or maybe even toilets. It’s hard to imagine that the itsy bitsy thoughts tucked in my brain traveled down my fingers and made their way around the world. This is true modern-day magic.

If I try, I can find a disintegrating memory of the beginning of this era. The Schwarzloses got their first home computer – an Apple II GS — when I was about 10 0r 11. It wasn’t a life-changing event; all the thing seemed to have was word processing (which I was only just becoming old enough to need) and Darren, the little man who lived inside it. The program let me make him pet his dog, put him to bed, or play cards with him. Sometimes, if I was lucky, he’d dance. At the time, the computer seemed like a subpar cross between TV and Nintendo.

At first I wasn’t enthralled by the internet either. I got an email address at 14 and used it to exchange adolescent flirty notes with a boy. It was like passing notes in class, only less dangerous and enthralling. Now it’s the primary way I talk with almost everyone, and if you’re honest with yourself, it probably is for you too.

What’s amazing is how silently the contents of our world have changed since then. Where did our encyclopedias go? Our dictionaries, or street maps, our phone books? Sometimes I think I miss them; most times not. I remember a time before I spent hours of each day looking at the screen of a computer, back when it was a TV instead. I don’t miss that time, but sometimes I like to sit and try to remember.

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