The Art of Pimping

This is from a real article really published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The author is Allan Detsky, one smooth talkin’ dude.

The term “pimping” was popularized by Brancati in 1989. As he defined it, pimping occurs when an attending physician (the Pimper) poses a series of difficult questions to a resident or medical student (the Pimpee). Pimping usually occurs in settings such as “morning report” or “attending rounds,” in which trainees at various levels convene with a faculty member to review patients currently under their care. Among surgeons, pimping may occur when students and residents are a captive audience observing a patient undergoing an operation. Brancati described the origins of the term, which date back to 17th-century London. Koch’s series of “Pumpfrage” (pimp questions) were used on his rounds in the 19th century . . .

The article includes an insert box listing “Pimping Protection Procedures.” These include such time-honored techniques as The Muffin, Honorable Surrender, and Pimp Back. As Detsky put it, “pimping is indeed alive and well,” and apparently JAMA agrees.

Lord knows I love to give commentary, but this article speaks for itself. Medical students have no idea what they’re in for.

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