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Bob's Television Dream, Robert Couse-Baker

I am not proud of this post. I want to say that up front.

It has occurred to me that much of my childhood (nay, life) has been spent watching a small, colorful screen. I’m not bemoaning that fact – it’s an integral part of American culture, like bullfights are to Spain and tea is to Britain. And of course it’s not the only thing I’ve ever done. But still, man, have I done it. And probably you have too.

I find it hard to remember all of the shows I used to watch, but when I do I always laugh by the rush of faces and stories and intro songs that come to mind. After all, we spent a lot of time together. In the hopes that you’ll feel the same flood of nostalgia, I’ll list some of the shows I watched while growing up.

First, the early ones that got me used to hangin’ with the boob tube:

Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, Fraggle Rock, The Smurfs, Transformers, and She-Ra.

Now, for the good stuff:

Cheers, Family Ties, Small Wonder, Growing Pains, Who’s the Boss, Diff’rent Strokes, Mr. Belvedere, Family Matters (remember Steve Erkel?), The Cosby Show, Alf, The Wonder Years, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Roseanne, Coach, Wings, Home Improvement, Murphy Brown, Happy Days, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, A Different World, The Facts of Life, Perfect Strangers (with Balki Bartokomous), Full House, Charles in Charge, Golden Girls, Empty Nest, Seinfeld, Designing Women, Doogie Howser MD (before Harold and Kumar), Mad About You, Major Dad, Silver Spoon, Moonlighting, Webster, The Brady Bunch, Head of the Class (remember when beautiful Simone dated Dennis?), Step by Step, Blossom, Gimme a Break, Laverne and Shirley, Bewitched, Punky Brewster, Amen, Frasier, 227, Three’s Company, Inspector Gadget, ER, Night Court, and lots of ST:TNG (yes, I was a hard-core trekkie).

Did you laugh at any of these, either because I chose to watch them or because you remember watching them too? Could you hear Roseanne’s nasal voice or the theme to Cheers? Remember Doogie’s old computer with green type that told the moral of the episode?

It’s funny what you stick in your brain and then forget all about.

Anyway, that’s an incomplete list of shows I stuck in my brain. Don’t judge me. Or do. I don’t care.

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  1. Take away Dr. Quinn, Murphy Brown, and Golden Girls and you’ve got the list of my childhood tv shows!

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