Speaking Of The Penis

Why does the human penis look so funny? I’ve been wondering this since I first saw one, and I think most females have wondered the same.

The human penis is very different from the penises of other primates. Ape penises are small and tube-like, while human penises have a bulging glans (head). An evolutionary psychologist has suggested that the human penis’s odd shape evolved for a specific purpose: to remove other men’s semen from a woman’s vagina before inserting their own sperm.

The idea is that the relatively large human penis fills the vagina and, during thrusting, the coronal ridge ‘scoops’ out any sperm left by the woman’s previous partners. What this suggests, guys, is that while you may trust your partner’s fidelity, your penis does not.

I will spare you my treatise on why evolutionary psychology and reverse-engineering are half science and half unicorns and fairies. Whatever our opinions, isn’t it fun?

While we’re on the topic of penises, I wanted to mention the male seed beetle, whose genitals are covered with large spikes. No kidding. There are pictures.

Yet another reason we should be happy that we’re human.

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