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This week I’m sharing some personal news (a.k.a. a shameless plug). A short story of mine was just published. It’s my first fiction publication and therefore something of a milestone for me. The piece is called “Peep” and it appeared in the fall issue of The Coachella Review, a literary magazine. You can read the story here.

I’ve confused some of my friends with my eclectic writing interests. My publications to date (scientific papers and now a short story) reflect my writing goals for the future: to write both literary fiction and scientific nonfiction for a general audience. Recently, I’ve been at work revising a novel draft and researching a major neuroscience project meant to share some of the most fascinating facets of the field with nonscientists.

If you wind up reading “Peep” and have any comments, please feel free to post them here. I’d love to hear your thoughts. And my apologies in advance if the story gives you the willies!

3 responses

  1. Congratulations on the publication! What a creepy story. I’m not sure why, but the way the story unfolds reminds me of some kind of creation myth that the narrator tells itself – how _something_ came to have a voice that “we” can wake from a flimsy sleep, à la a collective like StarTrek’s good ‘ole Borg, especially considering the joint breakdown and re-creation of individuality, and privacy, and how those two things are different.

    What’s even creepier is that I thought straight to this story when I came across a BBC article today about GPS tracking by law-enforcement titled “How much privacy can smartphone owners expect?”:

    “Without a major public outcry, or some kind of “scandal” to focus the minds of politicians and telecoms executives, the erosion of privacy is likely continue unabated, argues Sam Biddle.”

    I’m afraid this is exactly the kind of thing that they’re talking about.

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the goosebumps down the back of my neck.

  2. Congratulations on having your story published. I enjoyed reading it in Prof. Sohmer’s class at UCLA. There were so many good stories presented in class, I’m glad that at least one of them has escaped into the wild.

    ‘Peep’ is an especially well-written story, but as you know it was probably only the second best story we reviewed in class. The best was one about a young woman who mistook a doctor for her dead mother.

    I hope that story is also published some day.


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